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Srebrena traka 2010


History of the festival and description:


The Short Film Festival Srebrena Traka was founded by the association Prijatelji Srebrenice (“Friends of Srebrenica“) in the year 2006. Each year the festival has grown exponentially with more films posted to our festival address here in Srebrenica. Last year there were over 50 films from 13 countries in contention for just the competition section, with 23 films progressing to the final stage.

The program of the festival traditionally includes short film projections in the following four categories in competition: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental/student films. For the first time this year, the Festival is offering an opportunity for students to showcase their films. We will bring film students from around the country to Srebrenica to participate and develop their knowledge of the film industry while also exhibiting their motion picture works with their peers.

They will compete with fellow students from the Balkans and the best selected student films from the rest of Europe. We also welcome student entrees from around the world. With the support of renowned film festivals, developing filmmakers will have an opportunity to brush shoulders with professionals. So Srebrenica will be a stepping stone for young artists in the region to strive toward professional excellence. Through the arts we strive to support and connect young artists from Srebrenica and surrounding areas, to stimulate interest in the visual medium and for cinema to convey important messages for positive social values.




Srebrena Traka Grand Prix

This is our most prestigious award for best film at the Festival Kratkog Filma Srebrenica. This is also the Best Film in the fiction category. Here in Srebrenica we are looking for films which reflect the triumph of the human spirit but entrees for the competition are open to all subjects. Thematic elements include perseverance, sacrifice, restoration, redemption and transformation, but filmmakers are not limited to just these themes.

Best Documentary 

This award will be presented to the most outstanding documentary film of the festival. We are especially targeting personal and moving reflections of the human spirit, but once again documentaries of all subjects will be judged equally on merit.

Best Animation

This award is presented to the most outstanding animation film of the festival. We encourage more entrees which both entertain, enlighten and also welcome experimental/art animation films.

Best Student Film

For the first time this year, the Festival offers students of film academies the opportunity to display their works in the Student Film category. This award will be presented to the best film from students, filmmakers who are making their debut film and also experimental short films. Let’s see how many developing filmmakers can maintain a technical standard and story telling mastery which a professional would be proud of.



Srebrena traka

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