Silvertown shine

Silvertown Shine Music Festival

11-14. 8. 2011


History and Objectives:

The first Silvertown Shine Music Festival was held in 2003 as part of the economic, cultural and sporting event "Days of Srebrenica" and was the realisation of a network of organisations including the BiH Youth Partnership Program (POP), CRASH Croatia and the enthusiastic support of local youth. Over the years, the festival has grown and developed into a standalone event taking place in August and organised by the Srebrenica Youth Council in direct cooperation with the municipality of Srebrenica, with additional participation and contributions from youth organizations, and artists from both entities in BiH and the wider region.

Silvertape Film Festival

Silvertape Film Festival


Srebrena traka 2010


History of the festival and description:


The Short Film Festival Srebrena Traka was founded by the association Prijatelji Srebrenice (“Friends of Srebrenica“) in the year 2006. Each year the festival has grown exponentially with more films posted to our festival address here in Srebrenica. Last year there were over 50 films from 13 countries in contention for just the competition section, with 23 films progressing to the final stage.




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