How to be a good hostel guest: by Hostelworld Travel Blog

When it comes to staying in hostels, there are a few unwritten rules that should be followed so you don’t annoy any of your fellow guests or hostel staff. If it’s your first time staying in a hostel, here are some tips on how to be a good hostel guest...

1. Be tidy in the dorms.

When staying in a hostel, you are sharing space with people all of the time. If you’re staying in a dorm room, make sure you only put your belongings in your area. Don’t leave your things on other beds or crowd the space around the bunks. Most dorm rooms will have lockers for each person so use them to store your belongings - this also provides extra security.

2. Clean up after yourself in kitchen.

The kitchen is often the busiest shared space in a hostel. This can result in a busy kitchen but only a small amount of kitchen utensils and crockery to avail of. If you’re cooking and eating in the hostel make sure you clean up when you’re done so the next person to cook can do so with ease.




3. Take your shower nice and quick.

When you stay in a hostel you share bathrooms either in your dorm or on your floor. Most people will have a shower in the morning so make sure you keep this in mind when you are in the shower or bathroom. Don’t take too long in there when you are staying in a hostel as this can frustrate your fellow guests.




4. Try not to get up close and personal.

You would imagine that most people would be aware of this point, but after a few stays in hostel dorms we’ve discovered (much to our surprise) that this is not the case. If you want to get, how do we say... intimate with each other, do your roomies a favour and don’t do it. Just because the lights are off doesn’t mean your fellow guests can’t hear what you’re getting up to.



5. Be forthcoming!

Don’t be shy if you are staying in a hostel, particularly if you are travelling alone. Hostels are a great place to meet new people due to the amount of sharing you do in dorms and common areas. If you find that people aren’t talking to each other, then be the first to start a conversation! Ask people where they’re from, what they’re doing here and where they’re going next. These questions are always great ice breakers for fellow travellers.


6. Be quiet when coming in late at night / early morning

If you’ve been out late or you’re leaving early in the morning, be aware that other people in the dorm may be sleeping so try to be quiet. While most guests in the dorm expect some movement and noise, don’t strike up a conversation with your friends as you go to bed or leave your alarm clock ringing in the morning!



7. Respect other people’s belongings

Treat other people’s belongings as you would like yours to be treated. Even if your roommates have left them lying on your bed or in your way, be polite and place them on their bed. This also applies if you need to use other people’s belongings, such as some shampoo or a hairdryer. Just because they have left it lying around doesn’t mean you can just use it - golden rule is to always ask!


Hostels are venues for young people to meet, in all their individual diversity, and in a simple and friendly atmosphere. All this is offered at budget prices adjusted to youth and youth associations. Hostels are ideal for various sport groups, associations, teams, etc. By sharing multiple-bedded rooms, they can enjoy team building and build existing or new friendships.

Within the hostel, there are two bedrooms (one with seven beds, and one with five beds). The hostel has a separate bathroom with a shower and toilet. Hostel has one joined room where hostel guests can eat, relax, have a drink, and socialise. This room has Broadband Internet access, PC, TV and DVD.

Hostel is postioned 50 m from the Srebrenica bus station. So finding us schould be easy enough even if you are visiting Srebrenica for your first time.

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5 bed room 150,00 KM

7 bed dorm 25,00 KM / per person


High season 1-20. July. 2012

35 KM/per night (without breakfast)


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