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Flights to and from major European hubs - Frankfurt, Vienna, and Munich - minimize layovers on overseas flights. In addition, there are daily flights to Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica, and many destinations within Continental Europe. Connections to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are also available via Istanbul. For a fully updated flight schedule, travelers should check the Sarajevo


International Airport’s official website.

Taxis are located in the designated area outside the terminal. On average a taxi fare to downtown ranges between 20 and 25 KM. Taxi fares from the airport to the City are metered. Some hotels also offer low-cost or free shuttle pickups and drop-offs.

Some international carriers service Mostar International Airport (in the South),Banja Luka International Airport (in the Northwest), and Tuzla International Airport (in the Northeast). As internal flights are infrequent, it’s advisable to plan ground transport.


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Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade.

Airport Zagreb.

Airport Split.

Airport Dubrovnik.

Montenegro Airports.


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