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Roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

While road conditions are improving, Bosnia has no highways between its major cities. Presently, cities are connected with relatively well-maintained one-lane roads. Drivers should apply caution when driving to remote areas where potholes, narrow roads and sharp curves can be common. 

Bosnia has no national speed limit. Rather, speed limits vary according to the type of road and road conditions, ranging from 40km/h to 130km/h (freeways only). Speed limits on main motorways vary between 60 and 80km/h. 

Gas prices are among the lowest in Europe and gas pumps are available every 10 to 20 km. Many stay open 24hrs. 


Quick tips:

a) Bosnian law mandates carrying a spare tire, a tire jack, hazard light, first-aid kit, and a tow rope. Police may request inspection of required equipment during routine checks. 

b) Always carry a road map.

c) Tire chains may be mandatory depending on your tire type.

d) Speed limits are strictly enforced by radar on Bosnian roads, often without prior warnings.

e) The average speed is lower than what you might be used so be sure to watch traffic signs for local speed limits.

f) GPS whit map of local roads can be bought fairly cheap. Adriatic route maps are one of the best for the region. If you already own GPS, we also distribute Adriatic route softwere.


Best routes:

If you are coming to Bosnia from Zagreb or Belgrade, we recommend to cross the border in Brcko (from Croatia) or in Bijeljina (from Serbia) deapending from which direction you are coming from. Then from Bijeljina you head south to Zvornik, after Zvornik you head to Konjevic Polje and then to Bratunac.


If you are comming from Sarajevo, best route is Sokolac, Han Pijesak, Vlasenica, Milici (your navigation might say to turn in Milici, but that road is much worse so just pass Milici) then to Konjevic polje and in Konjevic polje make a right turn to Bratunac.

When you get to Bratunac you are just 10 KM from Srebrenica. Just head south. On your way to the city you will pass by industrial zone Srebenica and the Potocari Memorial center.


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