The resort and the promenade "GUBER"

The resort and the promenade "GUBER"




The most important and famous healing water is ”Black Guber” (Crni Guber). It is potable in its natural state and experts verify it as curable for many diseases. It is springing on 560 m above the sea level and its abundance is 300 l/minute with a constant temperature of 12,4ºC. This source contains two-valency fero, copper, cobalt, nickel, manganes etc. It cures hypocrome anomalies, essential hypocrome anomalies, weak appetite, general weakness of the organism, weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, asteny, neurovegetative deffects, chronical skin diseases, rheumatism, multiple-sclerosy etc. Every-day consumption of the healing water from Crni Guber has to be under medical control.

One of the most-visited healing source is called "Eyed Water" (Oèna voda). It has low abundance but it is highly mineralised. Washing helps to cure mucous membrane of eyes particularly conjuctivitis and it considerably improves sight. 

The source "Beauty" (Ljepotica) is the most favourable among female persons, because only washing with it makes prettier someone complexion and skin of the face and by sinking and rinsing help to cure all kinds of skin diseases. 

"Small Guber" (Mali Guber) contains twice more iron than Black Guber (Crni Guber) then higher quantities of calcify, manganese but it has lower abundance. Because of high mineralisation, it is possible to use this water for specific diseases. 

"Sinus Water" (Sinusna voda) heals and cures iflammation and painful sinus. This treatment is performed by sniffing. With constant use of the sinus water is possible to neutralise pain in sinus.





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