Catholic chapel, Monastery Svete Trojice, City Mosques and Memorial Center

Catholic chapel,  Monastery Svete Trojice, City Mosques and Memorial Center


Heterogeneity of religious objects and their historical value in this area of municipality Srebrenica reflects existence and confessional-religious structure of the population during the centuries. 

A Catholic Chapel is situated in the urban area of town, Klisa. It was built in 1990s in the foundations of the church St Maria which dated from the XIVcentury. This chapel has historical importance because it was the place where Bosnia of Silver (Bosna srebrena) established.


Among the most important monuments of municipal Srebrenica belongsMonastery of Svete Trojice in the village Sase established by Serbian emperor Uros in the period between 1355-1371.

White (Bijela) or Skender-beg Mosque was built when the Turkish rulers came in this region. Because of cultural-historical value and specific architecture, it was under state protestion till 1995 year when it was totally destroyed. This mosque was rebuilt in 2002 year. Within the harem of the Mosque ther is an important cemetery interesting for its ornaments on the tomb-stones which date from different times.

Memorial center and complex Srebrenica-Potocari with its cemetery is placed near a way Bratunac-Srebrenica, 5 km from town. The Memorial complex and cemetry was opened on 20 September 2003 by ex-American president Bill Clinton. It is the symbol the crime of the blackest dye after the WW II in Europe and should be an example of innocent people suffering ”in order that this crime not to be repated to anyone any more”. On 11 July every year a commemorative meeting takes place here and funerals for all innocent victims of the genocide are held here, too. Not only family members, close relative come here but high European representatives and world-famouus officials. There is the Memory Room with photos and things belonged to the victims at the moment of axacution.



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