The historical heritages

The historical heritages 


A high number of Middle-age towns and fortresses such as: Srebrenik, Bedem, Klotjevac, Durdevac, Subin, Pribicevac, Klicevac, ancient mint plants for coins, various necropolis of standing tomb-stones, then antique and middle-age mining excavations of silver, the Roman settlement of Domavia and Malvesiatium reflect the lifestyle and wealth of people who lived in these areas during history. 

A big number of old towns and fortress had the function to protect mining wealth. They used to be built in the heavy accessible high grounds from which it was very easy to control huge space. 

Old town Srebrenik is one of the best preserved towns in Srebrenica surrounding. It is situated nearby east highgrounds above Srebrenica. It originated from the XII century and archeological resources showed that it was built and destroyed several times. Last time it was renewed during Turkish rulers and made for military and logistic purpose. In 2006 year the old town Srebrenik was declared as a national monoument of the first category.



Old town Klotjevac was built on the cliff in the river Drina and its appearance shows that that it had function of a fortress and therefore it was possible to control transport along the canyon Drina. There are no relevant evidences about its origin. Although, it is very attractive, because of its inaccessibility it is only possible to be seen by brave adventurers.


Necropolis of standing tomb-stones Stećnjaci had importance in the historical heritage of Srebrenica. There are 43 locations of necropolis and single standing tomb-stones left and they are valuable tourist resources.


Newly found historical remains from Roman era, have been found in Skelani. This Roman municipium has been already declared as one of the the most important Roman findings in Bosnia. More about Municipium you can read on official website.


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