Silwertown shine

Silvertown Shine Music Festival

11-14. 8. 2011



History and Objectives:


The first Silvertown Shine Music Festival was held in 2003 as part of the economic, cultural and sporting event "Days of Srebrenica" and was the realisation of a network of organisations including the BiH Youth Partnership Program (POP), CRASH Croatia and the enthusiastic support of local youth. Over the years, the festival has grown and developed into a standalone event taking place in August and organised by the Srebrenica Youth Council in direct cooperation with the municipality of Srebrenica, with additional participation and contributions from youth organizations, and artists from both entities in BiH and the wider region.




This year, as well as with future editions of the festival, we aim to further develop the organisational capacity of Srebrenica Youth Council and Youth Centre, connecting young people and youth organizations from Srebrenica with youth culture in the region to provide direct support to a positive and committed future attitude in the local youth, as a way to get Srebrenica back to its former glory.
The first festival brought together over 1500 young people from both entities across Bosnia and Herzegovina and grew to approximately 3000 people in 2009. Last year the attendance dropped partly due to the terrible weather, but this year we are aiming to achieve attendance figures of approximately 4000 people through the presentation of a higher profile line-up of musicians presented over two days (previous festivals lasted for one day) and the introduction of on-site camping.
Previous editions of the festival have brought together over 500 participants including renowned and unknown artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and further afar, among which we highlight the following as some of the most important:
 Electrical Orgasm, JU Group, Urban & Four, Dubioza Collective, Strawberry, Hotel (Amsterdam) and Vincent Eckert (Paris).


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