Basic geographical features

Natural wealth and beauty are the largest part of the Srebrenica tourist offer, highland relief, favorable climate, diversity of flora and fauna, numerous streams, mineral springs and many other features distinguish Srebrenica as one of the places whit most beautiful nature in region. Unique features of the geological composition, genesis geological and geo-tectonicassembly positively influence the special natural characteristics. Relief of Srebrenica is one of the most important tourism resources in this area. With it’s horizontally and vertically stratification, it represents extremely vivid and unique location in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Its origin is connected to the middle Tertiary, accompanied by volcanic activity. In geomorphologic terms two relief units stand out: in the south of the municipality mountain Susica covering an altitude of 700-1517 m (Zlovrh). It is characterized by calcareous structure with poorly developed surfacehydrography. In the second relief surface prevails hilly and mountainous relief, withaltitudes of 300-1089 m. in which are expressed numerous canyons, valleys andbasins, which are particularly interesting for the fans unique landscape. In lower parts up to 450 m N.V. medium continental climate prevails and in the higher premountain climate.


Due to ecological preservation of the wider region, large areas of forests and green fields, give a pleasant and relaxing feeling during your stay. The average annualtemperature is 7-11 º C. The warmest month is July, the coldest month is January. Winter period is characterized with excessive rainfall in the form of snow, which in the higher mountain zone has annual number of days with snow cover thickness of 30 cm, about 90 days, which is convenient for winter sports and recreation.


Vegetative cover in the lower regions seems undergrowth and meadows, which inhigher altitudes cross in the pastures, deciduous and coniferous forests with complex of Serbian (Pančić) spruce.


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